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After the first date through Your Agency, will I have a chance to start a serious relationship with a man?

Our candidates must have realistic expectations of our services.

Not every contact is a fantastic and leads to lasting relationships, but a good channel to meet just the right people!

We also give the chance and the freedom of our candidates in private to discuss directly with each other, where and when they meet.

Whether it's tea in a quiet place,or a candlelit dinner. Possible and walk with dogs, playing tennis or any other sport. Spend the day at sea or at a festival, at a concert or in the theater.

Whatever was your first date, you need to understand that you see each other for the first time, and obviously that will take a little more time and visits to reveal the sympathy and attraction to each other.

But still! In most cases, the relations are developing successfully already after the first date. And all thanks to our psychologists, Your answers to the questions and the correct selection of a partner for You!

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