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How to win via correspondence by e-mail

To appeal, by correspondence, you can apply the same methods as in direct communication. We do not see the interlocutor, but the language of correspondence is rich enough and can pass the whole range of feelings and impressions.

Guide: how to win at correspondence

1. Radiate positivity and kindness; be nice. Take the role of a man for whom "the glass is half full". Try not to use categorical negative expressions, the number of "no" minimize. On the other hand, not too happy, so as not to appear frivolous playboy.

2.As often as possible address the man by name – it works wonders! Remember the advice of Dale Carnegie, who wrote that "a person's Name is the sweetest and most important sound." Avoid melting down or free interpretations of the name of the caller if you not in correspondence for a long time.

3. Be attentive and interested. Fix important source of dates and events; from time to time insert quotes from your past letters. Show that everything about him is important to you. Do it gently and unobtrusively, otherwise the interlocutor may seem that you suck or just are deprived of their own opinions.

4. Show confidence, underline their identity. Whenever a little describe your Hobbies and peculiarities. Do it in moderation and with the understanding that the other party really is interesting. Don't forget that confidence and arrogance - the opposite state.

5. Kidding, but carefully. To begin to test how the person developed a sense of humor and if it coincides with yours, not to pass a clown. In early correspondence the boundaries of the jokes better sause, inadvertently your sense of humor has not turned against you.

6. Determine threat for correspondence theme. Don't get personal. With caution discuss intimate, kinship, race and religious themes and gossip.

7. Write the other person a compliment, but in moderation, and sincerity. No need to shower him with adjectives with Caucasian generosity and to consolidate the two dozen emoticons. Never flatter him.

8. Emphasize shared between you. Locate the "total wave" and begin your emotions; share your experiences, impressions, comparisons. Heartily enjoy the correspondence as much paragraphs as you can.

9. Encourage the person to talk about themselves: ask questions, check. If you feel that you can offer him advice or comment, do it politely and correctly. Do not forget that the correspondence is a mutual process, and to avoid becoming a "vest" or listener "radio without switch".