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The most common mistakes in online Dating

In this article we will talk about what mistakes boys and girls in the process of online Dating without the help of professionals.

Inspirational photo on the main page
A lot of guys like to flaunt pictures where they show your abs or biceps. But the statistics says that girls often clicked on pages containing large portraits. This is because smiling all the avatar's face easier to see among the variety of questionnaires. Do high quality portrait photography with the right the incident light. No need to wear sunglasses or a hat, girls should totally see your smiling cheerful face.

Hide all unnecessary
A broad Russian soul is ready to lay it all out and share with others for its versatility. However, you should not do that. Remove all unnecessary, leave 3-4 pictures, shorten description, containing information about you. Never post compromising photos: with other girls (guys), alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, etc. this is Especially true for women, because men are extremely sensitive in such matters and more demanding. You can leave these pictures describe you only with the best hand (photo from a hike, sporting event, etc.).

Biting on the fake
Sites with free Dating is full of liars. Don't fall for the avatar with the luxury model or sexy bodybuilder. Not only that, you spend your time communicating with “fake”, and even result. It is obvious that, for the luxury of the photo may be hiding the person who subsequently does not meet your expectations.

How to prevent the above mistakes? To resort to our help, and you will always be able to get new pleasant acquaintances and maybe even find a soul mate.